10 November 2010

Bodycode Q&A

In advance of headlining this Friday's Make Me, we asked Alan Abrahams aka Bodycode aka Portable to answer a few burning questions and let us know what to expect from his Live set. Sounds like we have some brand new and exclusive tracks in store. Don't miss out, more details can be found here.

MM: What have you been up to recently?

AA: Just finshed remixing "the Knife" out next month and also Ellen Alien, out soon too.

MM: Having lived in London and now coming back to play as a ‘visitor’, has your perception of the city changed at all?

AA: Just that you really notice how multicultural London is.

MM: As well as referencing classic house, a lot of your work (to me) has the feel of 90s UK urban music; for example LTJ Bukem, early Photek etc. Is this something that you’re conscious of or have experimented with?

AA: You're the first person who's said this, my music incorporates a lot of different influences and a lot of it depends on how the listener interprets it.

MM: What can we expect to see from your live PA at Make Me?

AA: The upcoming remix of "the knife's" single, vocals and even a transport to another realm...

MM: What can we look forward to hearing from you over the next few months?

AA: New Portable 12 on french label karat and working on a new Portable album for next year!

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